Valet Services Available in The Yard

Welcome board, windshield wash station and Valet Services building.

Redmond, OR – COTC offers valet services for our driving team. Services range from topping off your DEF, to reserving a shower, and ordering a sandwich from the deli to make your visit to the yard as productive as possible.

Dave Cressey, is our valet and a former flatbed driver at COTC. He understands the life of an OTR flatbed driver and is here to help.

“I have a lot of the things you will need for your truck and for doing your job in general. I have hot coffee in the winter and cold water in the summer. I have paper work from envelopes to bubble sheets and BOLs. I will put another set of eyes on your truck and trailer help make sure the shop takes care of your equipment before you leave. Tires, you bet! I’ll check those as well. To keep you safe out there and change any tires that are no longer compliant. I have washer fluid, antifreeze and oil to keep your truck running in top condition all through the year.”


COTC understands your clock is running when you enter the yard. Sometimes you need to get business done and get back on the road. Other times, you plan to shut down for the night and are looking to catch up with the team, reserve a room, take a hot shower and eat dinner. Let Dave know what you need when you get here and we will make it happen!