Truck and Trailer Pre-Trip Tug Test

Prevent an accident today by performing a Truck and Trailer Pre-Trip / Post- Trip Inspection. This article will focus specifically on the Pre-Trip Tug Test to verify your fifth wheel is secure and brakes are operating.

It only takes three simple steps:

  1. Back up a six feet – verify all trailer wheels are turning.
  2. Pull forward six feet – pull the trailer brake to verify the trailer brake is working correctly and the fifth wheel is coupled to the trailer.
  3. Pull ahead another six feet – stop the truck with the footbrake to verify the footbrake is working correctly.

If you find the brakes or fifth-wheel have issues call-in and we will route you to a shop for service. Concerns must be communicated before beginning the trip and indicated on the log book pre-trip inspection report.

As a professional, flatbed driver on the COTC team safety is paramount. You are responsible for the vehicle, operator safety and to prevent accidents due to mechanical failure. The tug test is only a part of the Truck and Trailer Pre-Trip / Post – Trip Inspection. Always be thorough with the inspection lives depend on it.