The Challenges of a Flatbed Trucker

This Winter’s Challenges of a Flatbed Trucker

The start of this winter has been a challenge for many a flatbed trucker at COTC. You’ve dealt with extreme cold, snow, and ice. You’ve all done a great job keeping safe. We have had a few of our teammates get stuck and need to get towed out. This is time-consuming for you and costly for the team effort. Here are just a few tips to avoid getting stuck and needing a tow out.

10 Tips for Driving in the Winter

  1. Never pull off the paved surface without first inspecting the ground. Will it support the weight of your rig? Is the ground wet? Is there deep snow and ice? Will you have to sharply turn your truck?
  2. Turning sharply reduces the weight of the load on your drive axles.
  3. Never drive into an area of unplowed snow.
  4. When parking for the night, make sure to move your truck slightly once your drive tires have cooled. Warm tires melt the ice and create small depressions that will make it hard to pull out of the next morning.
  5. Never drive into a muddy area.
  6. When in doubt, chain up a drive axle when parking for the night. This is also a good idea when you deliver at a customer’s location that is covered with snow and ice. It may be easy to maneuver in their yard while loaded; however, once empty, traction may become an issue.
  7. Always avoid turning sharply. This is even more important in snow and ice.
  8. Chain up before you have to. Chaining up takes far less time than waiting to get towed out.
  9. Never allow someone to pull you out. Contact the shop first.
  10. Good tools to have – A small (2 to 4lb) sledgehammer to break up the ice, a small snow shovel, a small bag de-icer rock salt and an old mud flap works great for use as a knee pad.

Message from Brad Almone