Jeff Jones

Just finished my 3rd week here and I’m still glad I made the move. So far great people. They back their words up with actions. And they keep you running. I came from dry van and never strapped or tarped a load before which the tarping is killing me but is getting easier each time. COTC you’re doing something right.

Shawn Patrick

The best company there is out there. You have a problem let them now. I don’t care what other people say I have worked there once before and going back in July. Trust me I have many other companies I could go to but I have never been lied to and they always kept me running. They are like a family everyone that works there. The drivers help each other out if you have problems in the yard or out on the road. Have to say they are the best.

Kevin Evans

I have worked for many different truck companies’ local and OTR. I have not seen one thing that has been a lie so far. From the call with Bob to now. Everyone in the office and shop shows compassion and you feel like a big family. The driver coaches are very personal to make sure you understand everything and are set to do your job. Also, if anyone from Rick all the way down to a cook says they are going to do something then you can bet it will happen. I feel like this company is my family away from my family that I can count on.

Jerry Scribner

A great company to work for been with them for about 1 1/2 years.  This is a company that is family oriented.  I had a call from my brother to tell me that my mom wasn’t doing well. Called in, and was in the area, so they told me to go see her.  When I say a great company, I mean it! I got another call to tell me my mom has cancer so I called into Brad, my driver coach, to let him know.  Next, they are routing me down to see her before Christmas. Now that is a company that cares. Thank you COTC!