Central Oregon Truck Company was founded by flatbedders 25 years ago. We have been tarping, strapping, and throwing chains every day since. If it goes on a flatbed then we haul it across all 48 states and Canada on our lightweight aluminum Reitnouer trailers pulled by our fleet of Kenworth tractors. COTC is an over-the-road, irregular route flatbed trucking company offering the industry leading driver programs while maintaining exceptional CSA scores. This means more freight, more reliability and green lights as far as the road is long. Our drivers have nominated us a Best Fleets to Drive For®, four years running, for providing the best workplace experience for our drivers. We have been named to the Top 20 in the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 competitions.

COTC offers you:

The best pay and benefit package in the industry! What we make you is only half of the conversation - we also save you thousands of dollars a year when compared to the competition.

  1. Guaranteed Minimum Pay Package - Starting at $4,300 in your first month then, $4,000 each month thereafter. We have built a pay package to provide you and your family a base that you can rely on each month.  If you are available for work and we don't get you the miles we guarantee you $4,000 per month, when you qualify.
  2. Personalized Home Time - Control your home time! Be home when you need to! Use our automated home time calendar to plan your home time with your family.
  3. Benefits Paid for by COTC - Medical, dental and vision benefits employee premium paid for by COTC, savings of approximately $400 / month. Plus, additional savings through a flexible spending account and health reimbursement account approximately $3,700 / year.
  4. Passenger Insurance Paid for by COTC - Passenger insurance - kids 5 and up are eligible
  5. Short-term Disability Paid for by COTC - Injured at home and have no income. We cover you! Earn up to $1,000 through our STD plan.
  6. Per Diem - It's your money, get it today and save on taxes. We charge no processing fee! Savings of approximately $2,000 per year.
  7. 401K - 4% match when you contribute 5%. Employer contributions are 100% yours. There is no vesting period. Additional earnings of approximately $2,200 / year.

The COTC average driver earns $56,000 in driving wages and $2,200 in employer 401K match; plus benefits premium savings of $4,800, tax savings of $2,000 for per diem and $3,700 for FSA and HRA The average total value of pay and benefits is $68,700.

Our equipment is the best in the industry. We have an exclusive fleet of Kenworth tractors with an average age of 2.2 years. The majority of the trailers are 48' Reitnouers flatbed, plus our fleet of Roll Tops and Curtain Vans for our tenured and top performing drivers. We do not drop and hook and switch you out of your equipment. Feel confident in your equipment because only you are running it. 100% Electronic Driver Log - Peoplenet Unit not Qualcomm.


  • T660 & T680
  • 76 inch sleeper
  • In-Dash Navigation System


  • Paccar MX-455
    • Rated up to 500 HP is the only 13 liter class engine rated up to 1850 lb-ft torque


We do not equip our tractors with APUs due to excessive maintenance costs. However we do understand the importance of comfort while on the road and we do equip our tractors with Inverters and Refrigerators. Not all units have these amenities. All units have an Esbar Heating System that can be run in the bunk without idling.

Minimum Requirements for Employment:

  • Class A CDL
  • 2 years OTR
  • 1 year flatbed experience - preferred but not required
  • 24 years of age or older
  • DUI, non-violent felony or non-sexual felony charges must be a minimum of 5 years old
  • Misdemeanor must be a minimum of 3 years old
  • No serious or disqualifying traffic violations within the last 3 years
  • No more than 1 at fault accident in 1 year