Training and Orientation

Training And Orientation

TrainingTraining to Ensure Success

Here at Central Oregon Truck Company we believe that knowledge is power. We believe that with proper training all our driver team members will become more safe, efficient, and productive. This is why we equip our drivers with the tools they need to be successful, every step of the way. We offer training on every facet of the driving experience based on our Decision Matrix approach to problem solving. Utilizing the principles of this program allows our drivers to learn the skills and traits to make better decisions, rather than just addressing problems when they come up.

Top flight training methods and sound decision making lead to greater safety, and safety is always #1 priority at Central Oregon Truck Company. We believe that safety is the natural product of good training. By taking advantage of the training we offer, our drivers not only become safer, they also become more efficient and make more money. It’s our mission to have the safest, most reliable driving team pulling flatbeds in the industry, and we work at it every day.

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