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Comprehensive Transportation Solutions

Central Oregon Truck Company DriversIn addition to our company-owned fleet, we offer additional capacity to our customers nationwide through our logistics department. At Central Oregon Truck Company, we have developed excellent partnerships with carriers and owner-operators throughout the US. These carriers and owner-operators share our mission, our approach to safety and customer service, and meet our rigid insurance requirements. The combination of our impeccable company-owned fleet and the additional carriers we utilize through our logistics department provides us the ability to haul nearly any load at any time with one single call. Because we always have our customer’s best interest in mind we carry contingent cargo and liability coverage on all carriers providing services to our customers. For us, our logistics department exists as an extension of our asset-based fleet for the sole purpose of meeting the broad needs of our customers.

Become an Approved Carrier with Central Oregon Truck Company

If you’re a carrier or owner-operator and you share our mission and approach to customer service, we’d like to hear from you. Please fill out and return our Carrier Packet, and let us help keep you rolling.

If you have interest in any of our currently posted loads please call 1-800-394-0222 x3957 or x3956.